How to Check Fake Followers on Instagram 4 Ways

Check Fake Followers on Instagram : Hi friends, welcome to my blog! Today, we’re diving into a topic that’s becoming increasingly important for anyone who uses Instagram identifying fake followers. Whether you’re an influencer, a brand, or just someone who loves sharing content, having genuine followers is crucial.

Check Fake Followers on Instagram
Check Fake Followers on Instagram

Let’s explore why some people buy fake followers, the risks involved, and how to check and remove these fake accounts from your follower list.

Why Do People Buy Fake Followers?

People buy fake followers for various reasons. Some do it to quickly boost their follower count, hoping to appear more popular or influential. Others may think that having a large number of followers will attract more real followers or make their profile look more credible.

In the competitive world of social media, a high follower count can sometimes lead to more business opportunities, sponsorships, or partnerships.

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What Are The Risks Of Buying Fake Followers?

Buying fake followers can backfire in several ways. Firstly, it can damage your credibility. Savvy users and potential collaborators can spot fake followers, and this might make them question your authenticity. Secondly, fake followers don’t engage with your content, which means your engagement rate will drop.

This can negatively affect your visibility on Instagram’s algorithm, making your posts less likely to be seen by real users. Lastly, Instagram regularly purges fake accounts, so the followers you paid for might disappear, wasting your money.

How to Check Fake Followers on Instagram(4 Ways):

  1. Check for Unusual Spikes in Followers.
  2. Look for Inactive or Spam Accounts.
  3. Check for a High Follower Count with Low Engagement.
  4. Analyze Follower Demographics.

Check for Unusual Spike in Followers:

Unusual Spike in Followers
Unusual Spike in Followers
  • If you notice a sudden, dramatic increase in your follower count without any significant change in your activity or content, it’s a red flag.
  • Genuine growth usually happens gradually, so a sudden spike could indicate the presence of fake followers.

Look for Inactive or Spam Accounts:

Inactive or Spam Accounts
Inactive or Spam Accounts
  • Fake followers often come from accounts that have little to no activity.
  • They may have very few posts, a generic profile picture, or none at all.
  • Some might even have strange usernames filled with random numbers and letters.

Check for High Follower Count with Low Engagement:

  • A high number of followers paired with low engagement on posts is a classic sign of fake followers.
  • If an account has thousands of followers but barely gets any likes or comments, it’s likely that many of those followers are fake.

Analyze Follower Demographics:

Analyze Follower Demographics
Analyze Follower Demographics
  • Take a closer look at your followers. If you notice a significant number of them are from countries where you don’t have much presence or where you don’t engage, they might be fake.
  • Also, check for a disproportionate number of followers who seem to follow thousands of other accounts but have few followers themselves.

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How To Check If Your Followers Are Real?

Use Instagram’s Audit Tool:

  • There are several online tools available that can audit your Instagram account and identify fake followers.
  • These tools analyze your followers’ activity, engagement rates, and other factors to determine authenticity. Some popular tools include Social Audit Pro, HypeAuditor, and IG Audit.

Manually Check Followers and Engagement:

  • Take some time to manually go through your followers and check their profiles.
  • Look for signs of fake accounts, such as those mentioned earlier. Also, monitor your engagement rates closely.
  • A healthy engagement rate typically means most of your followers are real.

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How To Get Rid Of Fake Followers?

Block and Remove Fake Accounts:

  • Once you’ve identified fake followers, you can manually block and remove them from your follower list. This might be time-consuming, but it helps improve your engagement rate and credibility.

Report Fake Followers to Instagram:

  • If you come across fake accounts, report them to Instagram. Reporting helps Instagram identify and remove fake accounts, which improves the platform’s overall quality.

How To Prevent Fake Followers?

Focus on Organic Growth:

  • Building a genuine follower base takes time, but it’s worth it. Post consistently, use relevant hashtags, and interact with your audience to attract real followers.

Engage with Your Audience:

  • Respond to comments, participate in discussions, and show appreciation to your followers. Engaging with your audience helps build a loyal and active community.

Avoid Buying Followers or Using Bots:

  • Resist the temptation to buy followers or use bots to grow your account. These methods might offer quick results, but they harm your account in the long run.

Faq :

Why do people buy fake followers?

  • To quickly increase their follower count and appear more popular or influential, potentially attracting more business opportunities and real followers.

What are the risks of buying fake followers?

  • It can damage credibility, reduce engagement rates, and lead to Instagram purging fake accounts, wasting money and harming reputation.

How can I spot fake followers?

  • Look for sudden spikes in followers, inactive or spam accounts, high follower counts with low engagement, and followers from unlikely demographics or regions.

How do I check if my followers are real?

  • Use tools like Social Audit Pro, HypeAuditor, and IG Audit to analyze follower activity and engagement. Manually check profiles and engagement rates for authenticity.

How can I prevent fake followers?

  • Focus on organic growth by posting consistently, using relevant hashtags, engaging with your audience, and avoiding buying followers or using bots.


Having real followers on Instagram is essential for genuine engagement and growth. By understanding the risks of buying fake followers and learning how to spot and remove them, you can maintain a credible and active presence on the platform. Focus on organic growth and meaningful interactions to build a loyal and authentic follower base. Thanks for reading, and happy Instagramming.

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