How to Solve Top Follow Not Opening /Working /No Active Account Problems?

Fix Top Follow All Problems: Are you struggling with the Top Follow not opening, working, or showing a “No Active Account” problem? You’re not alone. Many Instagram users face these issues while trying to gain followers through the Top Follow apk. You are in the correct post where you can get all solutions related to topfollow.

top follow not opening

According to a recent survey in “” people believe that Instagram creates are reliable sources of information and trust them. Also, people decide what to buy based on good reviews and pictures shared on Instagram. So creating an influence/followers network is very important for your business or personal growth.

As a social media marketing expert, I’m here to guide you through solving these common problems so you can get back to boosting your Instagram followers and likes efficiently. Okay, let’s get into the topic below.

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Common Issues with Top Follow App

1. Top Follow Not Opening

One of the most frustrating issues users encounter is the app not opening. This problem can stem from various factors, including outdated app versions or device compatibility issues.

How to Fix:

Update the App: Ensure you have the latest version of the Top Follow app. Older versions might have bugs that prevent the app from opening.

Clear Cache: Go to your device settings, find the Top Follow app, and clear the cache. This can resolve minor glitches.

Reinstall the App: Uninstall and reinstall the app to fix any corrupted files.

Watch the video to get more clarity on solving the problem.

2. Top Follow Not Working

If the app opens but doesn’t function correctly, it can hinder your progress in gaining followers.

How to Fix:

Reset Cache Data: Similar to fixing the app opening issue, resetting the cache can improve app performance.

Check Internet Connection: Ensure you have a stable internet connection. Poor connectivity can cause the app to malfunction.

Device Compatibility: Make sure your device is compatible with the app. Sometimes, older devices may not support the latest app features.

Know the best task settings for top follow and get more followers and likes.

3, Top Follow No Active Account Problem

This issue often arises when the app fails to recognize your account, preventing you from collecting followers or coins.

How to Fix:

Re-login: Log out of the app and log back in to refresh your account status.

Verify Account: Make sure your Instagram account is active and properly linked to the Top Follow app.

Use a VPN: Sometimes, using a VPN can help bypass regional restrictions. Download a reliable VPN and set it to a country like the United States or Romania.

Step-by-Step Solutions

Solution 1: Adjust App Settings

  • Open the Top Follow App: Navigate to the task options.
  • Modify Settings:
  • Set the “Delay between tasks in seconds” from 12 to 14.
  • Enable options like “Auto Relogin” and “Auto start after Relogin limits.”

Solution 2: Clear Data and Cache

  • Go to Phone Settings: Navigate to Apps > Top Follow > Storage.
  • Clear Data and Cache: This will reset the app’s temporary data and potentially fix the issue.

Solution 3: Use a VPN

  • Download a VPN: Search for “VPN” in the Play Store and install it.
  • Set Location: Choose a server from the United States or Romania.
  • Login to Top Follow: Open the app and try logging in again.

Solution 4: Fix the Coin Limit Issue

  • Change Date and Time: Go to device settings and disable “Automatic date and time.”
  • Extend Time and Date: Manually set the time forward by one hour and the date by one day.
  • Set 24-Hour Format: Ensure the time format is set to 24 hours.]

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Why is the Top Follow App Not Opening?

The app may not open due to outdated versions, corrupted files, or compatibility issues. Try updating the app, clearing the cache, or reinstalling it.

Which VPN is Best for the Top Follow App?

Windscribe VPN is highly recommended. It’s reliable and can help bypass regional restrictions that might be causing issues with the app.

Final Words:

Dealing with the Top Follow app’s issues can be frustrating, but with the above steps, you should be able to resolve the most common problems. Whether the app is not opening, not working, or showing a “No Active Account” error, these solutions can help you get back on track.

Keep your app updated, clear the cache regularly, and use a VPN if necessary. Happy following! By following these tips and solutions, you’ll be able to overcome the common hurdles with the Top Follow app and continue growing your Instagram following effectively.

If you have any queries related to Instagram SMM tools please feel free to ask in the below comment section. thanks for your visit.

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